Supervision of Master's and Doctoral Students




Independent Studies Director (at Louisiana State University):


        Michelle deLaup, “Independent Graduate Study in Issues Management,” LIBA 7990, Spring 2009.


        Kim Phillips, “Independent Graduate Study in Issues Management,” LIBA 7990, Spring 2009.


        Xiaowei Chen, “Presenting a New Image of China Before American Publics: China’s 2000 Public Relations Campaign in the United States,” MC 7971, Summer-Fall 2003.


Nico Nergadze, “The Challenges and Opportunities for Public Relations in the Tourism Industry of the Nation of Georgia,” MC 7971, Spring 2003.


Thesis and Dissertation Committee Chair (at Louisiana State University):


Foad Izadi, “U.S. Public Diplomacy toward Iran: Structures, Actors and Policy Communities,” Ph.D. dissertation, May 2009 (co-chair, with Dr. Kevin Mulcahy, Department of Political Science)


Hakimeh Saghaye-Biria, “United States Propaganda in Iran – 1951-1953,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2009.


Robert R. Jones III, “Campaign Tracking as a Marketing Tool in Lafayette, Louisiana: A Descriptive Study,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2001.


Elizabeth Collier Williams, “How to be a Good Neighbor: A Case Study of the Effect of the Environmental Justice Issue on Public Relations Practices of Louisiana’s Chemical Industry,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2001.


Sean Erin Leon, “Mass Communication and Nationalist Murals in Northern Ireland,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2000.


Ghenadie Burlacu, “Ghosts of the Holocaust: The Swiss Government’s Effort to Influence Public Opinion Through the Public Relations Work of Ruder Finn,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2000.


Igor Ivanovich Makienko, “The Effective Frequency Concept and Its Application in Television Media Planning: Implications for Local Markets,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2000.


Evelyn Komma Stampley, “What are the Most Effective Communications Media to Facilitate the Participation of Louisiana University Science and Engineering Researchers and Small Business Entrepreneurs in Mutually-Beneficial Collaborative Initiatives?,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2000.


Yitun Hsiung, “Taiwan’s Public Relations Efforts to Enhance Its Relationship with the United States Government,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2000.


Gerald James Johnson, “‘Breaking with Tradition’: Print Media’s Influence on Perceptions of the Issue of Corporate Naming Rights for Stadiums Within the National Football League,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2000.


Bradley Nathan Miller, “‘Save Louisiana Wetlands’: A Case Study of an Ongoing National Public Awareness Campaign,” M.M.C. thesis, December 1999.


Lee Elmo Melancon III, “Developing a Communication, Reward and Recognition Model to Increase Participant Retention in Clinical Research Trials,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999; 99 pages.


Narine Albert Matinyan, “U.S. Media Coverage of Armenia: An Analysis of the Washington Post,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Luis Manuel Botello, “Before ‘Operation Just Cause’: New York Times’s Coverage of the Panamanian Crisis,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Mardon Nigmatovich Yakubov, “U.S. Foreign Policy and Media Coverage of Uzbekistan: A Case Study,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998, 65 pages.


Stephen Joseph Moran, “The Journalistic Use of Electronic Mail: A Delphi Study,” M.M.C. thesis, 1997, 160 pages.


Non-Thesis Committee Chair (at Louisiana State University):


Erin N. Hymel, Master of Liberal Arts, May 2004.


Jamie Beth Mandeville, Master of Liberal Arts, May 2001.


Kellie Monique Matherne, Master of Liberal Arts, December 2000.


Robert Butler, Master of Liberal Arts, December 1999.


Doctoral and Thesis Examiner (International):


Christopher A. Marchegiani, “Conceptualizing Personal and Historical Nostalgia,” Ph.D. (Marketing) thesis, 2009, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia (External Examiner).


Catherine J. Archer, “The Role of Relationships versus Reputation in Determining Perceptions of Employer Attractiveness: A Case-Based Study Into How Employer Brand Perception is Formed in the Health Industry,” Master of Philosophy (Marketing) thesis, 2009, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia (External Examiner).               


Hwee Ping Garick Kea, “Modelling Effects of Consumer Animosity: A Study of Chinese Consumers' Willingness to Buy Foreign and Hybrid Products,” Master of Philosophy (Marketing) thesis, 2008, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia (External Examiner).           


Michael David Baird, “Discrepancies of Positive and Negative Consumption Expectations: An Extension of the Disconfirmation Paradigm to Sin Products,” Master of Commerce (Marketing) thesis, 2007, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia (External Examiner).          


Stephen Richard Dix, “Predictors of Channel Switching During Live Prime Time Television Advertising,” Ph.D. (Marketing) thesis, 2006, Curtin University of Technology, Perth, Australia (External Examiner).   


Thesis, Project and Dissertation Committee Member (at Louisiana State University):


Earnest Kipling Britton, “From Post-Gandhi to Pre-Global Chic: A Search for the Locus of Power in Indian Advertising, 1976 to 1997,” M.M.C. thesis, in process.


Jeff Forbes, “Measuring Consumer Perceptions of Credibility, Engagement, Interactivity and Brand Metrics of Online Social Networks,” M.M.C. thesis, in process.


Lucy Khachatrian, “Text-based Interactivity on Political Weblogs,” M.M.C. thesis, in process.


Yinglu Wu, completed General Examination November 2008 and working on Ph.D. dissertation, in process, Department of Marketing (LSU Graduate College Dean’s Representative).


Mousoumi Bose Godbole, “‘Why Do I Have Fifty Pairs of Shoes?’ Characterizing and Explaining Acquisitive Buying Behavior,” Ph.D. dissertation (Department of Marketing), August 2009 (LSU Graduate College Dean’s Representative).


Misty Dawn Albrecht, “The Plame Game: Framing a Political Scandal,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2009.


Sally Elizabeth O’Rourke, “The Future of Viewer Control on Television Advertising,” LSU Honors College undergraduate honors thesis, May 2007.


Anita Grace Day, “Public Affairs Advertising: Corporate Influence, Public Opinion and Voter Intentions Under the Third Person Effect,” Ph.D. dissertation, December 2006.


Charles F. Zewe, “Communicating the Modern Entrepreneurial University in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Academic Capitalism and Media Messaging in the Pursuit of Revenues and National Prominence at Louisiana State University,” Ph.D. dissertation, December 2006.


Misty Kyle O'Connell, “The Emerging Culture of a Community College,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2006.


John James Cater III, “Stepping Out of the Shadow: The Leadership Qualities of Successors in Family Business,” Ph.D. dissertation (Department of Management), August 2006 (LSU Graduate School Dean’s Representative).


Tatiana Ruchkina, “ExxonMobil Corporation Baton Rouge Writing Content and Designing Layout on the Internet Site,” M.M.C. project, August 2006.


Susan Billingsley, “An Analysis of the President-Press Relationship in Solo and Joint Press Conferences in the First Term of President George W. Bush,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2006.


Denise Michele Pallais, “How African-Americans and Hispanics Perceive their Racial Equality in American Advertising,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2006.


Ilgar Khudiyev, “Coverage of the 2003 Post-Election Protests in Azerbaijan: Impact of Media Ownership on Objectivity,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2005.


Mary Presley Schoen, “Museum-Public Relationships: Exploring the Relationship Management Theory of Public Relations,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2005.


Bettye A. Grable, “African-American Women’s Reception, Influence and Utility of Television Content: An Exploratory Qualitative Analysis,” Ph.D. dissertation, August 2005.


Rachelle Powell, “Women’s Use of the Internet,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2005.


Anya Glusman Eskew, “The Port of Greater Baton Rouge: A Marketing, Public Relations and Crisis Communication Plan,” M.M.C. project, May 2005.


Mark Marquez II, “The Purpose of Magazine Web Sites,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2005.


Reagan Thomas Chenevert, “The Sports Appeal: Are Athletics a Viable Academic Marketing Vehicle in Higher Education?” M.M.C. thesis, December 2004.


Mikah Zangla, “Direct-to-Consumer Advertising of Prescription Medicines: Framing with Imprecise Frequency Descriptors,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2004.


Arianne Parker Bellizaire, “Country Roads Magazine: Has the Move from the ‘Country’ Influenced Baton Rouge Advertisers’ Buying Habits?” M.M.C. thesis, May 2004.


Jamie Mabile Delatte, “How Should Sports Organizations Handle a Crisis?: A Focus on Collegiate Institutions,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2003.


Paul Stuart Lieber, “Ethics in Public Relations: Gauging Ethical Decision-Making Patterns of Public Relations Practitioners,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2003.


Vaishali S. Shrikhande, “Stereotyping of Women in Television Advertisements,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2003.


Ying Kong, “U.S. Regional Newspapers’ Coverage on China’s Entry into the WTO—A Regional Economy Approach,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2003.


Jacqueline Eiswirth Tisdale, “A Diffusion of Innovations Approach to Investigate the Brand Name Change of a Higher Education Institution,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2003.


Jenice Daigle, “Corporate America and Web Access for the Blind: Are Public Relations Practitioners Communicating with the Blind Public?” M.M.C. thesis, December 2002.


Xiaoge Hu, “The World Wide Web as a Vehicle for Advertising Movies to College Students: An Exploratory Study,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2002.


Ursula Irene Anna Goldsmith, “Perceptions of Active Graduate Faculty at a Research Extensive University Regarding Electronic Submission of Theses and Dissertations (ETDS),” Ph.D. dissertation, School of Human Resource Education and Workforce Development, August 2002 (LSU Graduate School Dean’s Representative).


Christine Cidalise Indest, “Taking PR to School: A Case Study of Three Private High School Public Relations and Development Departments,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2002.


Neil Melançon, “Perception of and Reactions to the Presence of URL’s in Print Advertising of a Non-Technology Brand,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2002.


Amy Marie Boyle, “The Effectiveness of Sports Sponsorships: A Study of the New Orleans Zephyrs,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2001.


Scott Hobbs, “Attribute Agenda-Setting in an Open Primary: An Examination of Press Coverage and Political Ad Effects,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2001.


Leslie Leonard Lane, “A Reexamination of the Canon of Objectivity in American Journalism,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2001.


Kang Sun Lee, “Essays on Semiparametric Estimation,” Ph.D. Dissertation, Department of Economics, December 2001 (LSU Graduate School Dean’s Representative).


Zhanwei Cao, “Impact of Internet Newspapers on Circulation of Traditional Newspapers in the U.S.,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2001.


Tingting Lu, “Fairness and Balance of Media Coverage of China’s 50th Anniversary Celebration: A Content Analysis of Selected U.S. Newspapers and Magazines,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2001.


Monica Santaella, “Advertising Involvement for Controversial Products,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2001.


Mario Scherhaufer, “The Haider Phenomenon: Analyzing Freedom Party Voters During Austria’s 1999 Parliamentary Elections,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2001.


Brandy Michelle Lane, “A Case Study of How Louisiana State University Handled a Major Crisis that Attracted National Media Attention,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2000.


Xianyi “Sandy” Ye, “Interactivity of Online Newspapers and Options for Audience Involvement: A Content Analysis of 120 U.S. Online Newspapers,” M.M.C. thesis, December 2000.


Evgeniy Badredinov, “The Minnesota News Council: A Case Study of How a News Council Can Successfully Operate in the U.S,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2000.


Ssu-Chi “Crystal” Kuo, “Media Globalization and Cultural Imperialism--A Historical Analysis of Transnational Broadcasting Corporations in the Greater China Market From 1990 to 1999,” M.M.C. thesis, August 2000.


Sarah Jean Daigle, “The Louisiana Department of Labor Goes Interactive: A Study of State Government Workers’ Use of Technology in the Workplace,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2000.


Anita Day Gernon, “Preservation as Public Spectacle: Legitimizing Cultural Identity Through a Louisiana Folk Festival,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2000.


Zhiguang “Gloria” Liu, “The Politics of Cultural Censorship in Modern China--A Case Study of the Films of Zhang Yimou,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2000.


Yanhong “Caroline” Zhang, “The Policy and the Image--An Analysis of America’s China Policy and Its Reflection in Portrayals of China and Chinese in American Movies, 1949-1999,” M.M.C. thesis, May 2000.


Kristine Calongne, “Teaming Up to Play the Public Relations Game: A Case Study of the LSU Title IX Lawsuit and Trial, and the Roles that the LSU Office of Public Relations and the LSU Athletic Department Played in Handling the Crisis,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999; 98 Pages.


Gabriela Chinchilla, “Differences Between Men and Women’s Attitudes Toward Internet Security,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999; 60 Pages.


Jami Kendall Elrod, “‘Don’t Mess With Texas’: A Case Study of the Most Effective Anti-Litter Public Communication Campaign in America,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999.


Patrick E. McCarthy, “Chasing History or Repeating It? An Analysis of the Newspaper Coverage of the Mark McGuire-Sammy Sosa Home Run Race of 1998,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999.


Brendan J. Rush, “Magazine Coverage of the Irish Peace Talks in the United States: A Look at Focus and Bias,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999; 84 Pages.


Rhonda Yvette Walker-Glasper, “An Analysis of the Spiral of Silence Theory and How It Applies to Women Managers in Corporate America,” M.M.C. thesis, 1999; 82 Pages.


Frederick Muyia Nafukho, “Factors Determining University Enrollment Status of High School Students Recruited to Attend Louisiana State University College of Agriculture,” Ph.D. dissertation, School of Vocational Education, 1998 (LSU Graduate School Dean’s Representative).


Dana L. Berry, “Comprehension and Recall of Internet News: A Quantitative Study of Web Page Design,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998. Her study won the 1999 Jung-Sook Lee award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).


Jason Ryan Caldwell, “The Changing Norms of Sports Media: Sports Controversy and Public Opinion,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Stephanie S. Cargile, “The Effects of Alumni Relations in Fund Raising in Secondary Educational Institutions: A Survey of One Private High School’s Alumni,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Nathalie Hasbun, “The Effects of American Fast Food Television Advertising on Honduran Children’s Eating Behaviors,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Sharika Najeeba Mahdi, “Sports Illustrated and Vogue Magazine: An Analysis of Skin Color Representation of African Americans in Magazine Advertisements,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Angie Christine Delcambre, “Explorations of Time and Place: Robert Flaherty’s Louisiana Story,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Samuel Christopher Spitale, “How Motion Pictures Communicate: An Analysis of the Film Star Wars,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Daniel Stanford Borné, “Organization and Communication: A Comparative Study of Neighborhood-Chemical Plant Relations in a Single-Company and a Multi-Company Community Advisory Panel (CAP), St. Charles Parish, LA,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Heather Noelle Davis, “And if Morning Never Comes?: Rape Victims Media Viewing Patterns,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998; 76 pages.


Gonzalo Mehech Castellon, “How Foreign Governments Influence the Political and Media Agenda of the United States: A Case Study of Chile,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Lyndall Demarie Stout, “Diversity in Broadcast Journalism: Two Local Television Newsrooms,” M.M.C. thesis, 1998.


Norma Jean Paris, “An Investigation of Consistency Between Theoretical Orientations to Reading and Planning for Reading Instruction: A Three-Year Study,” Ph.D. dissertation, LSU Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction, 1997; 152 pages (LSU Graduate School Dean’s Representative).


Virginia Ruth Watson, “Not Just Funny-Ha-Ha: A Content Analysis of Four Syndicated Humorists,” M.M.C. thesis, 1997.


Stephanie Jackson, “The 1996 Olympic Torch Relay and the Involvement of Capital Area United Way in the Community Hero Olympic Torchbearer Program,” M.M.C. thesis, 1996; 155 pages.


Staci L. Downey, “Damage Control: A Case Study of Miami, Florida, and its Utilization of Public Relations to Combat Losses in Tourism,” M.M.C. thesis, 1996; 101 pages.


Melisse Campbell, “Governor Jimmie Davis and Integration in the New Orleans Public School System: Local Press Coverage,” M.M.C. thesis, 1996; 150 pages.


Non-Thesis Committee Member (at Louisiana State University):


Vernon Todd Miller, Master of Liberal Arts, May 2002.


Molly Benoit, Master of Liberal Arts, December 2001.


Thesis Committee Chair (at Kansas State University):


Roderick Cleveland Gillespie, “Communication, Interest Groups, and Public Policy Formation: A Study of Advocacy by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and Animal Rights Coverage in the Washington Post, 1975-1990,” M.S. thesis, 1994. See Journalism & Mass Communication Abstracts 32, Abstract #130 (1994), 66.


Tammy Rickerson McClellan, “Analysis of Instructional Program Evaluation Tools Available to Public Relations Practitioners in the Business-Education Partnership Arena: A Case Study of the Choices Program,” M.S. thesis, 1993; 149 pages. See Journalism & Mass Communication Abstracts 31, Abstract #185 (1993), 101.


Jeanette DeDiemar Krueger, “Media Relations, Controversy, and Issues Management by the United States Army: The First Infantry Division at Fort Riley from Land Expansion to Desert Storm,” M.S. thesis, 1992; 194 pages, indexed.


Carl Anthony Pelini, “Seeking Mass Communication Legitimacy through Grassroots Mobilization, Politics, and Terror: A Content Analysis of New York Times Press Coverage of The Provisional Irish Republican Army,” M.S. thesis, 1991; 105 pages, indexed.


Thesis Committee Member (at Kansas State University):


Lance W. Speere, “Fair Use: An Application of Copyright Law to Educational Uses of Off-Air Recorded Videotape,” M.S. thesis, 1994.


Richard F. Machamer, Jr., “An Incident in Korea: A Case Study of U.S. Army Public Affairs Activities in Response to the Ingman Range Murders in 1981,” M.S. thesis, 1991; 133 pages, indexed.


Kathleen Ann Menzie, “Propaganda and Media Manipulation: A Case Study of Alar,” M.S. thesis, 1991; 160 pages, indexed.


Thesis Committee Chair (at University of Houston):


Jeffrey N. Asher, “Using Issue-Oriented Political Communication to Activate the Alienated Voter: A Case Study of the Referendum Vote for the George R. Brown Houston Downtown Convention Center from May to November 8, 1983,” M.A. thesis, School of Communication, University of Houston, December 1986; 164 pages, indexed. See Master’s Abstracts International 25,3 (Fall 1987), 239.


Thesis and Dissertation Committee Member (at University of Houston):


Juliet Lauve Staudt, “Billboards in America: An Examination of the Effect of Message Content on Public Opinion Toward Off-Premise Signage/Outdoor Advertising,” M.A. thesis, School of Communication, University of Houston, May 1989; 108 pages.


Duane Varan, “An Analysis of Zaikai Influence in Japanese Telecommunication Liberalization,” M.A. thesis, School of Communication, University of Houston, May 1987; 135 pages, indexed. Later published as a book by Papyrus Press of Houston/Boston/Austin, 1987.


Laura R. Lerond, “Development of a Cost Model of Corporate Social Responsibility: Implications for Issues Management,” M.A. thesis, School of Communication, University of Houston, May 1986.


Robert McKinley Gilmore, Sr., “An Analysis of Critical Factors for Success in Developing a Multicultural Public Relations Model for the North Forest Independent School District,” Ed.D. dissertation, College of Education, University of Houston, August 1985.



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