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Farm life for the Joseph A. Parent family in Minnesota, near the Red River and North Dakota


Joseph A. Parent's U.S. Patent for a Potato Digging Machine, issued in 1932, complete with drawings and information (7 page pdf file)


Frost Family History, focusing on Anders Peter Frost and his wife Hansine Rebecca Jorgensen, Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, plus additional Frost information from Danmark

Illustrated History of the Forsgren Emigration Company from Denmark with Hans Jørgensen and Dorthea (Andersen) Christensdatter, Part 1 and Part 2

Illustrated History of Hans Jørgensen, Maren Kirstina (Kierstine) Pedersen [Pedersdatter], Dorthea Christensen [Christensdatter], and Families


"From Liverpool to Keokuk: The Mormon Maritime Migration Experience of 1853" by Fred E. Woods, Mormon Historical Studies, Fall 2003, pp. 3-24, pdf file

"The 1853 Mormon Migration Through Keokuk" by Fred E. Woods and Douglas Atterberg, Mormon Historical Studies, Fall 2003, pp. 25-42, pdf file

"LDS Emigration in 1853: The Keokuk Encampment and Outfitting Ten Wagon Trains for Utah" by William G. Hartley, Mormon Historical Studies, Fall 2003, pp. 43-76, pdf file

"Historic Research Index: 1853 Mormon Emigrants Who Camped in Keokuk", Mormon Historical Studies, Fall 2003, pp. 123-166, pdf file

"Illness and Mortality in Nineteenth Century Mormon Immigration" by Shane A. Baker, Mormon Historical Studies, Fall 2001, pp. 77-90, pdf file

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Welcome / Bienvenue

This site is for anyone with a lineage or marriage connection to Joseph Anthony Parent (1893-1978) and Dorthea Rebecca Frost (1906-1994). In addition to an extensive genealogy database, we feature a variety of useful resources. Coverage concentrates on France, Québec, Denmark, and Utah, but extends to other areas as well. These include biographies, emigration narratives, photos, research articles, and other materials to help you better understand the people in your ancestry, their struggles, and ultimately their life contributions to making us who we are.

The Parent and Lavoie lines are linked to numerous prominent French-Canadian families, including Amyot, Audet, Baillargeon, Baugis, Bédard, Bélanger, Bergevin, Bouchard, Chabot, Colombe, Couture, Crête, Duprac, Fillon, Fiset, Gagné, Gaudin, Glinel, Godbout, Huppé, Jobin, Leclerc, Lemelin, Magnan, Marcoux, Néron, Paulet, Pivain, Savard, Simard, Tremblay, Trudel, Vachon, Vézina and many others back to the origins of Nouvelle-France and founding immigrants Pierre Parent (1610-1698) married to Jeanne Badeau (1631-1706) and René de LaVoye (Lavoie) (1628-1696) with his wife Anne Gaudin (1639-1678)

A collection of over 250 downloadable photos, drawings, signatures, contracts, engravings, and maps directly related to our Québec ancestors and their voyage to New-France from Europe.

The Lavoie Famille au Canada de 1650 à 1921 by Joseph A. Lavoie (1922), pdf file with complete text in French; plus some translated extracts into English here

Genealogy of those Parent family lines who moved to Louisiana

New book, Pierre Parent: Le Pioneer (in French) is available from La Société de généalogie de Québec. Guy Parent, the author, tells the many adventures of the life of Pierre Parent who simultaneously worked the trades of farmer, butcher, carrier and lime-burner, and of Jeanne Badeau his wife and agent in his many transactions as well as mother of their 18 children. This dynamic and courageous family makes up the principal pioneer ancestors for Parent family members in Canada and the U.S.A. Pierre was a supplier in food and building materials in Québec and Beauport, associated in the same fields with various business partners. The volume of 190 pages contains geographical charts, a multitude of extracts of civil and legal acts, and many accompanying bibliographical sources.

The Frost and Jørgensen lines are among the earliest Danish converts to Mormonism (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). They gathered in Copenhagen, emigrating via Kiel, Altona, and Hamburg to England, completing a rail crossing, then by sea to America via the Liverpool to New Orleans Route, transferring to a paddle-wheeler up the Mississippi River to Council Bluffs in Iowa, and finally making the arduous wagon trek across the vast plains and Rocky Mountain continental divide to Utah--all prior to the construction of the transcontinental railroad.

About the Parent - Frost Families Organization

Au sujet de l'organisation des Familles de Parent et de Gel (Frost)

We are open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the Parent-Frost Family webpage, including additions and corrections. Email them to webmaster Richard Nelson at For sons, daughters, grandchildren and other close relations of Joseph and Dorthea, there is also an email group. Prior archived messages are online at

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